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About Us

We are a team of healthcare practitioners working together to build retreats in a way beyond what has been possible and affordable to support you. We focus on the whole person with therapeutic and lifestyle principles to maintain optimal health and well-being . We were funded by the National Institute of Health. You can click on our team to learn about your retreat instructors by clicking their photo and reading their bio, those in our breakout sessions, and each team member will support you in your integrated health and wellness journey.


Our Story

Events & Retreats

Focus on your Mind & Body practices to improve your overall well-being . Single Day & Weekends Events/Retreats Available.

Holistic Healing

Services such as Physical Therapy & Nutrition will positively affect your overall well-being in a positive way.

Radect Membership

You’ll find year-round support with our membership plans, keeping your health and care plan at the forefront of your wellness.

Yoga & Meditation

Want to offer our mind/body services for yourself or your business? Work with us to offer well-being to everyone.

We include many facets of integrated wellness through meditation, yoga, cooking classes, social group activities, detox, massage, physical therapy, to fun cultural activities, and outdoor exercises like horseback riding, and snorkeling to name a few. Blend these together with support for your health and wellness in the form of a Radect Membership, you can have it all!

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