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Radect Renewal Retreats & Beyond

Image by Jeremy Bishop

What are YOU willing to do for you?

YOU do it all, but how are you doing YOU? 

When you arrive, we will have ready the accommodations for you. We will collect information throughout the retreat and chart about you in the software. This information will become part of your wellness and health record to create a customized curriculum. This information is software encrypted and all information is confidential. Only people allowed access we will ask can see the wellness and health record. This will be used for future retreats.


Your group will have two weeks thereafter of continuing support through online group sessions for free as we continue to support you. We offer a health plan (plan) you can sign up for your support year- round. During the retreat, we will teach you about cooking, foods to eat, yoga plans, reducing stressors, and so much more. You can see this on your scheduled retreat (here). Our retreats offer the same yoga, detox, fun activities that other retreats offer. Everyone will be asked to be respectful and appropriate in a manner you would treat yourself and others.


We hope you enjoy.

Image by Ian Stauffer
Image by Annie Spratt
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