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Time is TBD


Estes Park, Colorado

YMCA Estes Park | Chronic Pain Retreat

Chronic Pain Retreat Thursday, June 22nd - Sunday, June 25th 2023 Wellness Retreat focused on relieving symptoms of chronic pain through holistic therapies like exercise, yoga, meditation, nutrition, physical therapy, along with outdoor activities and spa treatments.

YMCA Estes Park | Chronic Pain Retreat
YMCA Estes Park | Chronic Pain Retreat

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Estes Park, Colorado, 2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park, CO 80511, USA

About the event

Have you spent years going to doctors and specialists managing symptoms of IBD/Crohn's Disease?

Do your symptoms affect every area of your life and leave you feeling hopeless?

Are you ready to give up on treatments or do you assume you have to live the rest of your life with your symptoms?

Chronic Pain affects millions of people around the world each year. If you are looking to better understand your pain and for new ways to manage your symptoms, Radect Health has a retreat opportunity for you. We are offering a team approach to evidenced- based education and chronic pain interventions.  Our retreat will include 4 days/3 nights at a beautiful location offering hiking, swimming, yoga, meditation, and group cooking classes. There will be opportunities for education on the science of pain, cognitive behavioral therapy topics, nutrition to manage chronic symptoms, water therapy, and the benefits of yoga.

The staff at Radect includes yoga instructors, physical therapists, a dietician, a social worker, and a primary care provider who have put together a health focused retreat to offer more than just, ”a relaxing get-away.” We want to empower our attendees to take control of their chronic pain symptoms and improve their quality of life.


Common Misconceptions:

  • Strong medications like opioids are the only things that seem to "help"
  • Your Chronic Pain isn't curable
  • Your Chronic Pain is made up or are “all in your head”
  • Your Chronic Pain is strictly a physical problem and only the body should be treated
  • You should see a different specialist for each of your symptoms

What can you expect to receive at our retreat?

1). A better understanding of your symptoms:

Education -  why your body responds to a certain stimulus, what that response looks like in your body, and ways you can change your reaction to that stimulus

What exactly is the meaning of your symptoms and how they're different from each other, the difference between mind and body symptom.

2). Chronic Pain interventions ideas used by physical therapists and rehab specialists to manage flare-ups.

3). Nutrition education targeted to reduce symptoms and healthy meal ideas.

4). Physical activity ideas that can help symptom exacerbations and build resilience.

5). Cognitive behavioral tools that address the mental components of Chronic Pain and help reduce the fear-avoidance cycle including:

  • Physical activity modifications/pacing plans
  • Journaling techniques
  • Progressive muscle relaxation/body scanning
  • Identifying emotional triggers that precipitate a flare-up
  • Stress reduction techniques

6). Yoga interventions that can help manage symptoms and reduce exacerbations including:

  • Relaxation breathing
  • Physical practice/poses that can help reduce muscle tension and improve strength
  • Building a meditation practice to improve your mind-body connection

7). Connection with a community of other individuals suffering from similar symptoms

We know navigating our current healthcare system can be tricky when it comes to managing Chronic Pain. Our goal for our retreat participants is to increase their understanding and to come away with techniques that can easily be put into practice in their own lives. We want everyone to have a renewed energy for life and feel empowered to take control of their own journey.

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More Information about the Retreat Location

YMCA of the Rockies – Estes Park CenterAffordable and Fun Family Resort

Recently named “Best Family Resort in America” by USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice Awards.  YMCA of the Rockies is located on 800+ acres with three sides bordering Rocky Mountain National Park. This is the perfect landscape for family and friends to explore the Colorado Rockies!

Lodge Rooms

Open year-round, with over 250 cabins and 9 lodge buildings, YMCA of the Rockies can accommodate all of your family vacation and group lodging needs.   Lodge rooms start at a low price and can hold up to 6 people. They vary from hotel style rooms with a private bathroom & queen beds to bunk bed rooms (sleep 6) with private bathrooms.  All come with linens & towels, but do not have cooking facilities.


Private cabin rentals provide a home-away from home feeling ranging in size from 2 bedroom – 5 bedroom, most having gas fireplaces. Pets are welcome in cabins and select lodge rooms, with an onsite dog park and pet-friendly hiking trails.

The state-of-the-art conference facilities are the perfect setting for family reunions, group retreats, non-profit and corporate conferences.

Activities on Site

YMCA of the Rockies offers more on-site activities than anywhere else in Estes Park.  Enjoy a variety of programs and activities, from guided hikes into Rocky Mountain National Park, indoor swimming, crafts, mini-golf, archery, horseback riding, roller skating, a museum, library, ice-skating, sledding, and much more. Whether you’re coming simply to relax with family or have the time of your life,  YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center is the place to unplug and connect with nature!


  • 12 hours

    Day 1 - Thursday, March 23rd - Arrival

  • 12 hours

    Day 2 - Friday, March 24th: Full Day of Wellness

2 more items available


  • Single Bed

    $2,500/Single Bed

    +$62.50 service fee
  • Single Bed | Payment Plan

    Payment Plan $2,500/Single Bed | This plan will require a $600 deposit and two payments in the amount of $950.00. These payments will be billed to you manually and are due 7 days prior to the retreat.

    +$15.00 service fee
  • Double Occupancy

    Bunk bed | Roommates

    +$52.50 service fee
  • Double Occupancy | PaymentPlan

    Payment Plan $2,100/double Bed | This plan will require a $600 deposit and 2 payments in the amount of $750.00. These payments will be billed to you manually and are due 7 days prior to the retreat.

    +$15.00 service fee
  • Shared Bed

    Best for Couples

    +$45.00 service fee
  • Shared Bed | Payment Plan

    Payment Plan $1,800/Shared Bed | This plan will require a $600 deposit and 2 payments in the amount of $600.00. These payments will be billed to you manually and are due 7 days prior to the retreat.

    +$15.00 service fee



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