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Our Differentiation


Why our Retreats are so different! We solve the challenge of how to make retreats both fun and valuable while allowing you to feel like you’re on a beautiful vacation. We help you take what you learn in retreats back into your life so you can better manage your stressors and achieve your goals.


Never before have you been able to go to one place to get all your healthcare needs; Radect has your entire health at the center of our focus. Not just one, but all areas.

We include many facets of integrated wellness through meditation, yoga, cooking classes, social group activities, detox, massage, physical therapy, to fun cultural activities, and outdoor exercises like horseback riding, and snorkeling to name a few. Blend these together with support for your health and wellness, built-in after the retreat, in the form of a Radect Membership. Optional for all participants! 


This is an added value to you by having your own health and wellness record, and using our software, you will have access to it anytime.  This record, can be used for personalized coaching assessments during the retreat; if you choose, and after the retreat if you continue with the Radect Membership. We create assignments, activities, and follow-up workshops to help you on your journey. For example; You will receive your own yoga and fitness plan based on your goals and motivations. You’ll be able to continue to follow up with our team through continued coaching, and communication between our wellness and healthcare team and your team of healthcare practitioners. Creating a full circle of follow up care and to continue to build the content to better support you through customization on your health journey.

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