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Chronic Pain Care should Not Be Only Physical

Updated: Apr 27

Chronic Pain is a debilitating diagnosis that affects every aspect of your life. It can be difficult to find treatment options through traditional healthcare services because of the lack of coordination of care between providers. At Radect we have a team of specialists from different disciplines to offer recommendations including physical therapy, mental health , yoga instructors, nutrition counseling, and primary care. We work together to offer an integrative approach using evidenced based interventions to address the physical and mental components of chronic pain specific to each individual such as exercise programs, activity recommendations, current education topics, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional advice.

We understand that managing chronic pain requires much more than just addressing the physical symptoms and we offer interventions to target the source of your pain - the central nervous system. At our Chronic Pain Summit we are offering education on the latest research for chronic pain management including a demonstration of techniques you can start using immediately to manage daily symptoms. We want our summit attendees to feel empowered to take control of their health and to understand that chronic pain does not have to interfere with your life forever. Contact Radect today to join us on the next step in your journey.

Written by Rochell Paulson PT, RYT-200

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