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Radect Integrated Yoga Teacher Training


What is RIYTT?

RIYTT (Radect Integrated Yoga Teacher Training) is for certified yoga instructors with a background in fitness who want the opportunity to work with individuals with a variety of Health Conditions in a Wellness Retreat or Intensive Health and Wellness Summit as a part of an integrated approach to Health & Wellness.

In this 8-week virtual course you’ll be taught to facilitate Wellness Retreats, Weekend Workshops, and Health-Focused Activities for specific health conditions.

You’ll be a part of a team of Radect Ambassadors including Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Family Practice Physicians, and Clinical Dietitians. As highly qualified Yoga Instructors, you will be the glue that helps keep the team and participants flowing together.

Integrating Yoga Into Health Care

What does it mean to integrate Yoga into health care and why is it important to train certified yoga instructors on how to apply these practices?

Integrating Yoga into health care is the practice of using Yoga, Meditation, or breath work programs in the form of coaching sessions to support patients in their health journey.

Image by Anupam Mahapatra

How does Yoga Improve Health Care?

Decreases Symptoms for Patients:

● Increased Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Promotes Positive Body Image

● Increased energy, makes you feel awake/alive

● Promotes healthy sleep cycles

● Promotes Healthy Digestion; Reduces Cramps/Bloating/Inflammation through the intestines

● Increased Balance & Stability; Strengthening the Core, Low Back, and Hips

● Detoxes the body; reducing the amount of toxins, massaging the internal organs, helping the liver work optimally to cleanse, increase blood circulation, and stimulates the Lymphatic System

● Relaxes and Calms the Body; Reducing Stress & Tension

● Relieves pain from muscles and joints through active and static stretching along with strengthening yoga asanas

Decreases Costs for Hospital Systems

● Lowers cost to Non-Communicable Diseases

● Helps fight Mental Health crisis (which increases insurance costs by 50%)

● Yoga can help save money on insurance if classes are available regularly at work places.

● Yoga can prevent or delay non-communicable diseases

● Yoga has doubled the return on investment for programs in chronic pain

● Yoga supports patients mental and physical health which helps them return to

Your Responsibilities & Opportunities

After completing the RIYTT you’ll be able to support patients and practitioners in the following areas:

● Social Work for Cognitive, Stressors, Addictions, and Environmental

○ Building and managing Therapy Worksheets and making changes

● Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD/IBS), Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

● Diabetes and Hypertension

● Chronic Pain and Pain Management

● Women's Health: Menopause

● Supporting Family Caregivers including Dementia and Parkinson's

● Helping Doctors and Nurses for Stress Management

● Anxiety and Depression, Mental Health

● Physical Therapists and Clinical Dieticians

● Functional Health and General Preventative Care


You’ll also have the opportunity to learn:

● Team Based Software - Charting patient/student progress

● Address Social Determinants of Health

● Final Project Case Studies

Begin Your Integrated Health Journey!

● Sign up online at:

● Now available for $800 Early Bird - $1,200 Regular Registration 

● Next RIYTT starts: 4 trainings this year (VIRTUAL training)


2 Week Day Trainings: 

  • Wednesdays 4-9pm EST

  • May 21st- June 28th

  • Nov 8th- Dec 27th

2 Weekend Trainings:

  • Fridays 4-9pm EST

  • Saturday 8-5pm EST

  • Sunday 8-6pm EST

  • July 21st-23rd & 28-30th

  • September 8-10th & 15-17th

Complete the form below to register for your teacher training cohort...

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