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Yoga Classes and Services


Radect offers a wide variety of Yoga Classes and Services through our Wellness Retreats, Virtual Sessions, and Presentations.
All our Services are run by highly qualified Certified Yoga Instructors who specialize in the programs they provide. They are dedicated to making your health and wellness a priority!


Amongst our Services you will see programs such as; Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, BreathWork (specialized for health conditions) and Guided Meditations.
You can also enjoy 1:1 Yoga Coaching Sessions with our Yoga Ambassadors who will guide you on your Health & Wellness journey by working with our team of Physicians, PT’s, Dietitian, and Social elements to create a healthy lifestyle.


Want to book a Yoga Class? Contact us to find out how we can best help you! We can offer Yoga programs in the form of Yoga Classes, Meditation Sessions, and the Breathwork Classes.

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